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FAQ: Our Common Landscaping Questions

Having a lush and green lawn all-year-round is the dream of all homeowners living in a house with a yard. But why dream? If this is your goal for this year, consider it done as Best Buds LLC will take care of everything. We are a professional lawn care company located in Madison, WI.

Do you provide residential landscaping services?

Yes, our team is at your disposal for adequate lawn maintenance and general landscaping services. We do mowing, trimming, weeding, and seeding. We can apply fertilizer and clean gutters and remove snow from roads and yards. We do hardscaping too.

What are the basics of proper lawn maintenance?

Generally speaking, our landscaping contractor offers assistance with regular lawn mowing, fertilizing, hoeing, aeration, weed & pest control, and much more.

Can I add my own fertilizer?

Yes, you can, but do you know what type your garden needs? Our landscapers test the soil to check the nutrient content and then apply the necessary product. Sometimes, this could be organic mulch in the form of paper, grass clippings, wood chips, etc.

Does your company have a license?

Yes, our company is fully licensed.

Why does my neighbor’s lawn look greener?

There are no two lawns created equal. You should not compare them both because your neighbor might have a different variety of grass from yours. A thorough inspection of your yard will determine what issues exist. Different grasses develop and restore more slowly than others.

What hardscaping services do you offer?

Best Buds LLC is a respected local rock landscaping contractor that works on projects that include walkways, patios, fences, and concrete structures. Our crew does brickwork as well.

How often do I have to cut the grass?

This is a very common question. It’s not about the frequency of that task, but the height of the grass. Setting the lawnmower’s blades at 2.5” in the spring and 3” in the hot season is absolutely fine.

What experience do you have?

Our lawn maintenance contractor was founded in 2000, so we have 19 years of experience working on residential landscaping projects.

I have pets. Will they be a problem when you come?

It depends. If you hire our team for grass clipping, our equipment is noisy and may frighten them. Just in case, keep them inside your house. This is especially important when we fertilize your garden and treat it against weeds or lawn pests.

What’s your business hours?

You can talk to our specialists in Madison, WI every day, every minute because we offer emergency landscaping services.

Why does my garden have to be aerated?

Aeration is an essential part of lawn maintenance. With special tools, we make small holes in the soil to enable your plants “breathe.” It also prevents soil compaction.

If you don’s see your specific question here, we suggest you call our company at (608) 576-4814 immediately. We will be happy to offer you outstanding services at the most reasonable prices compared to many other lawn care contractors. Come to us for a free quote as well. Call us now.

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